Notes from reading books.

Notes from the last few days of reading #

Listening to the code of capital, found this definition of capital helpful:

"Capital is the present value of other peoples expected behavior."

Another helpful thought--class can be view as a struggle for who controls legal rights.

Would be interesting to connect up the ideas about property rights that came out of feudalism with literature on class based litigation in medieval Europe. The property rights of feudalism grew up with class based rights, but liberalism focused on property rights.

While listening to "Price of Peace" #

This 4 quadrant dialectic occurred to me.

institutionalism versus procedural ism
egalitarianism versus hierarchy

institutionalism and egalitarianism is liberal egalitarianism rawlsian
institutionalism and hierarchy is maybe Burkean conservatism
proceduralism and egalitarianism is US dem party
proceduralism and hierarchy is catholic or something?

Still working on it. Another possible way in is contract law versus constitutional law.