Mushroom (picture) hunting in loblolly forest in Gainesville.

This was my first real walk in the woods since taking the auto train down to Florida.

I don't know exactly what I was expecting--but despite the woods being very different, the mushrooms were mostly pretty familiar and similar to Maryland. That said I did spot a couple of new and intersting things.

A new polyphore, mostly notable for the fact that it's a near perfect semi-circle.

semi-circle polyphore

I also saw the fairly common oyster look-alike called that is usually called angel wings. Much more delicate than oystes and growing on hemlock or maybe cedar.

angel wings

The woods itself were beautiful and surprisingly not lush or jungly. The pines needles must be somewhat allelopathic because the number of species growing below them was pretty limited. But, lots of beautiful palmettos do flourish.